You’re pregnant and constantly have to pee (requested)

Niall: You and Niall were at the beach for a vacation. You didn’t like to idea because, well, pregnancy has it’s faults. Ever since last week you have been constantly peeing. So being around a lot of water for two weeks isn’t the best idea… Today Niall decided on going into the water which you weren’t so excited about. When you guys got into the water a sudden need to pee hit you. Thinking that no one will notice, you peed in the water. “Babe did you feel the water getting warmer?” Niall asked you. You just shook your head and continued with life.

Louis: So being pregnant isn’t always the greatest thing… You were always angry and rude to people around you. Sometimes you even sassed little kids. But the major problem was your peeing issues. Tonight Louis was supposed to take you out to dinner because you guys have 4 and a half months left of being kid free. When you got there you had the constant need to drink water which led to constant peeing. You peed a total of 7 times that night at the restaurant. 

Liam: It was yours and Liam’s 3rd year anniversary today and you were only 3 months along so you weren’t really big in the stomach yet. Even though your stomach wasn’t big yet, you could still feel the bladder affects happening. Everywhere you went you had to pee. Liam was actually annoyed with it because that’s all you were doing on your anniversary. But he got lucky on the next anniversary because you weren’t pregnant and constantly peeing. wink wink. yay more babies being made.

Zayn: It was hard to do things when you were 8 months pregnant. Your legs swell up, you waddle instead of walk, you have so much to worry about. Thankfully Zayn was always there to help you. Especially when you had to pee. You had a tiny bladder so you peed a lot.. Since travelling by foot was always slow while pregnant Zayn helped you to the bathroom. He would always rub your stomach when it hurts afterwards. No one knows why your stomach hurts after you pee though. Oh well.

Harry: Harry was always worried about you. He would be worried if you went out shopping, when you went to visit your family, and when you peed. Yes, Harry is worried about you when you pee because you pee too much for a pregnant woman. He thinks it’s unnatural that you pee like 20 times a day. So one day he took you to the doctors to find out what was wrong with your uterus and why the baby was making you pee so much. Turns out nothing was wrong with your bladder, it was all fine. Harry just doesn’t know what it’s like to be pregnant. Because he’s a boy.


I hope this is what you wanted lovely anon! I had to look up some stuff about pregnancy peeing but that was okay?

I was reading some sad things about peeing so much though…

-Paz xx